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Trending Channel – Who wanted to nuke the Moon?

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Who wanted to nuke the Moon?

In the Cold War, the United States took into account triggering a nuclear explosion on the moon, to intimidate the Soviet Union, Daily Mail quoted.

The secret U.S. project  of the space agency (NASA),  innocuous title “research exploring the possibility of a flight to the moon” or “Project A119″ was scheduled to be implemented in 1959.

A rocket with a small nuclear device would have to be launched from a place whose name is not mentioned, and reach the moon. Following the missile impact with the Moon surface would result in an explosion.

Initially, the drafters wanted to use for this purpose a hydrogen bomb, but the idea was abandoned due to excessive weight of the projectile. Rocket could not get away from Earth at launch because of such difficulties.

This project of NASA arise in the context of American aircraft was equipped with first intercontinental ballistic missiles. After launching the first satellite by the Soviet Union, Washington began to seriously consider such a plan.

Finally, the Pentagon gave up this idea on the grounds that if something did not go according to plan, the existence of humanity itself, not just the Soviets would have been jeopardized.
In addition, some American scholars have expressed concern about possible contamination with radioactive moon if such an explosion.

NASA’s secret plans, based on calculations made by scientist Carl Sagan, were outlined in 2000 by physicist Leonard Reiffel, who previously served as deputy director of the U.S. Space Agency, in an interview with AP.
Following these revelations incendiary comments of journalists have asked officials of the U.S. space forces about this subject, but they preferred not to make any comment.

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