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Trending Channel – Wealth of the richest people in the world increased last year with 241 billion dollars

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Wealth of the richest people in the world increased last year with 241 billion dollars

The richest people in the world gain more wealth in the las year

Wealth of the top 100 richest  people in the world, was increased by 241 billion dollars last year, to 1,900 billion, with an advance of 22% for the top leader, Mexican Carlos Slim Helu at $ 75.2 billion, and 12, 6% for the second, Bill Gates, to $ 62.7 billion.

The value of assets held by the richest 100 people in the world was calculated according to Bloomberg stock quotes and data available from 31 December. The best sectors to increase their wealth last year was retail and telecommunications, with an average growth of about 20%. Of the 100 wealthiest included in the Bloomberg index for 2012, only 16 were decreased.

“Last year was very good for billionaires. In 2013 I will continue to seek investment opportunities in all over the world, not necessarily in the U.S., that provide an advantage” said billionaire John Catsimatidis, owner of Red Apple Group.

Spanish Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex retailer, has made the biggest increase in wealth of 22.2 billion dollars, or 63%, to 57.5 billion dollars. This development was supported by Inditex shares increased by 66.7% last year.

Top ten is completed by Warren Buffett with $ 47.9 billion (+12%), Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA) with  $ 42.9 billion (+16.6%), Charles Koch, with $40.9 billion (20.9%), David Koch, with $40.9 billion dollars (20.9%), Larry Ellison (Oracle), with $ 39.3 billion (+19.4%), Bernard Arnault, with $28.8 billion (+39%), and Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, with a wealth of 28.7 billion dollars (65.2%).

Five of the top ten richest people in the world – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Charles Koch, David Koch and Larry Ellison – are American.

Among those who lost their welth in 2012 is the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook chief wealth fell by 5.2 billion dollars last year against a decline of 30% of the shares of the social network company that he operates.

U.S. investor George Soros increased his wealth for less than 2%, to 21.6 billion dollars, while Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, owner of football club Shakhtar Donetsk, has increased its wealth by 47.6%, from 21.2 billion.

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