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Trending Channel – Unbelievable – What Drink Makes You Live Longer?

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Unbelievable – What Drink Makes You Live Longer?

Beer Can Make Us Live Longer!

What a great news for beer lovers: hops, a key ingredient of beer, is considered to be a remedy against the effects of time on the human body!

According to studies conducted by researchers from Austria, Japan and Czec Republic, beer that is consumed in moderation can have anti-inflammatory properties with the effect of slowing the aging process!

“Hops is known as a good antioxidant, it was used mainly, besides breweries, in the pharmaceutical industry. The fact that hops is among the ingredients of beer can only make us happy, with a view to its health benefits. Moreover, beer lovers have an extra reason to enjoy their favorite beverage as this may even delay the effects of aging, “said researchers from the  Beer Studies Centre, Health and Nutrition.

In the study published by the journal International Immunopharmacology, scientists at Innsbruck Medical University in Austria revealed that hops used in brewing can influence the production of neopterin, a marker of inflammatory processes, as well as the level of tryptophan, this essential amino acid is associated with increased inflammation when it is in low level.

Austrian researchers findings are supporting the scientists from Czech Republic. They brought to public attention the results of a study showing that moderate beer consumption slows the aging process and, moreover, reduces the possibility of a heart attack.

In another study conducted by Sapporo Medical University in Japan, scientists show that hops, can be the key element  in preventing respiratory virus diseases specific to cold season. Specifically, Humulona, a compound of  hops, demonstrated positive properties in preventing colds and bronchitis.

The study made by Japanese researchers show that this ingredient may protect the body against respiratory syncytial virus underlying pneumonia and bronchitis which is affecting millions of people every winter.

At this time there is no vaccine against this virus, such as Japanese discovery can be a real milestone in treating respiratory problems caused by it. In addition, this compound apparently has anti-inflammatory effects.

Beer is a product made from only natural ingredients and this does not cease to expand its positive effects. Hops is again in the spotlight, one compound – Humulona, is proving to be an enemy of viral respiratory infections in winter.” said Japannese scientists.

More of a product for periods with high temperatures, beer is recommended to be included in food during the cold season, this study provides further proof for this. Although the quantities of Humulona found in beer are small, the study remains valuable and legit!

Members of Beer Studies Centre, Health and Nutrition warn that moderate consumption of beer must be completed by a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

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