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Trending Channel – This Samsung gadget will KILL Apple!

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This Samsung gadget will KILL Apple!

In a market where the battle for the ultimate smartphone dominance intensifies, the South Korean conglomerate Samsung plans to begin mass production of flexible mobile phones using plastic screen instead of glass, which will make the phones more durable, lighter and will allow them to bend.

The Samsung Display department is in the last phase of the development process for flexible screens in mobile phones, the manufacturer already sampled the displays with “a few customers”.

The decision to produce flexible screens follows the need for differentiation in a market of smartphones and tablets constantly expanding, a market where the competition between Samsung and Apple is fierce.

The new devices should be showcased in the first half of 2013. The vice president of Samsung’s display department, said that the South Korean manufacturer is presently testing the new displays with a small group of consumers. However, it is not yet known when Samsung will launch the first device using this new technology. Samsung also refused to state how much they spent in developing this new bendable and flexible display technology.

The flexible screens will be built with organic light-emitting diodes also called OLED technology, which the South Korean company already uses for smartphones and TVs. OLEDs are thin plastic foils that are applied over screen devices. This new display will allow handset’s to withstand heavy-duty knocks, drops and accidents without being inflicted by performance depleting levels of damage.

By replacing glass with plastic, screens will “live” more and will be more brighter. OLED technology is in development for several years now, Sony and LG released even prototypes, but the companies failed to bring them into mainstream production for bulk sales.

“The key reason for Samsung to use plastic rather than conventional glass is to produce displays that aren’t breakable,” Shinyoung Securities analyst Lee Seung-chul told the WSJ. “The technology could also help lower manufacturing costs and help differentiate its products from other rivals.”

Samsung has shattered Apple in Q3, reporting record profits

Samsung reported an outstanding Q3 report, recording his highest operating profit so far of $7.4 billion, a 91% increase year-on-year, more than the analyst’s expected.

This was made possible by the strong sales of the Galaxy range, the Koreans sold 20 million Galaxy S III units alone, against 26.9 iPhones of all types for Apple.

Samsung has delivered in the Q3 a record of 56.3 million smartphones, representing a 31.3% share of the global market, according to research firm IDC. Apple is second sharing only 15% of the market with 26.9 million iPhones sold. In the third position the maker of Blackberry, Research in Motion only holds 4.3% of the market, ZTE China ranked next with 4.2%. In the second quarter, Samsung had 32.6% market share, while Apple had 16.9%.


Samsung will face a difficult sales market during the holidays, after Apple has improved its products introducing on the market a new iPhone, an iPad mini and a new iPod classic. Microsoft also releasted the Surface tablet.

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