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The coolest inventions of 2012

The inventions of 2012

Despite the financial problems faced by mankind, 2012 was an exceptional year in terms of inventions. New gadgets appear every week on market, but few of them are really fantastic. We see more tablets, many smartphones that differ little between them, many laptops and so on. Today, however, we will talk about these few exceptions, SF things that were invented this year,by individual researchers or companies. So, let us present to you the coolest technological inventions of 2012.

No 1 invention: Google Glasses

These fantastic glasses presenter Google could radically change our lives. The company launched the glasses in April on Google+. Google co-founder Sergey Brin tested the gadget and put some pictures on the internet to get an idea of what she can do. Later came the video shot with these glasses:


In addition to photos and videos, the gadget has many other functions, many of them borrowed from smartphones.

Those who wear glasses can see, for example, weather or agenda, or you can send text messages to friends and family.

Who knows, maybe next year, these glasses will be on the market. Price, however, it may also frighten the bravest of us.

Invention no 2: Clouds in the chamber

inventionA Dutch artist named Berndnaut Smilde discovered a method that can create a small white cloud in the middle of a room. It’s hard enough to create such a cloud, because you have to perfectly adjust some parameters: temperature, humidity and light.

The first invention was a car cloud of smoke. Unfortunately, however, the creation lasted little time. However, the impact that this invention did ..to produce a cloud that appears in the middle of the room is … surreal.

Another invention is Baxter,the machine with a man face

In 2012, a new product is ready to appear on the market. A cute robot with eyes that change expression depending on who else is around you, eager to work and always full of energy. This invention is currently the cheapest industrial robot manufactured for auto manufacturers market, a market which is over 1 million robots.

The need for such a robot appearance is explained by expert Rodney Brooks, who suggests that “car market needs the  equivalent of a PC  for robots,” writes The Economist.

Technology helped austrian Felix to jump from stratosphere

Behind courage, madness Felix Baumgartner records it was something much important. Some professionals have ensured that the biggest jump in history will not turn into a tragedy.

The main invention in this case was a capsule weighing 1.3 tons, with which Felix climbed up into the stratosphere. It was made  to weigh less than a Volkswagen Beetle, but to be be extremely resistant.

Besides the capsule, Felix’s costume is fantastic and can stand as an example for future expeditions of astronauts sent to other planets. Costume suffered  temperatures of -73 degrees Celsius in this jump.

The best business invention: gasoline made ​​from air!

A UK company has announced that it can produce fuel from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Representatives presented this research in a conference in London.

The invention has two advantages. First, it is an alternative source of fuel. Secondly, the atmosphere is clean. The company produces first methanol, which is then converted into gasoline. In three months, the British managed to produce 5 liters of gasoline through this process.

Tim Fox, Head of Energy and Environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers say that this invention “sounds too good to be true, but it is. They even make progress because I have seen myself in experiments. I use well known components and principles, but they are the ones who managed to make the theory a reality. ”

Best invention in chemistry:The element 113

The periodic table that we learned in school chemistry is not exactly replicate the reality. The Element 113 was created just this year, after nine years of work by a team of Japanese researchers led by Kosuke Morita.

The invention, which don’t have yet another name, is very unstable. Atom contains 113 protons and 165 neutrons.

Best  design invention: clothes that become transparent as  heart rate is  increased

Some might say that these clothes were invented just perfect. Obviously, they are ideal for every person on the planet, and soon could be produced in series.

Called Intimacy 2.0 and created by Studio Roosegaarde, these clothes are made of leather and some “smart” sheets, combined in a futuristic design.

The best part of this invention, is when the material becomes transparent, as the wearer’s heart beat increasingly faster.

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