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New Technology Fires Waiters

The tablet will soon replace the classic menus in clubs, bars and restaurants. And technology will bring to pension him often bored waiter, who roll his eyes when he get the wrong order. In 10 seconds, without saying a word, the customer choice will get to the kitchen.

For now it doesn’t depends on the time and kind of waiter anymore. Once I sat down, I put my hand on the tablet and begin to look for pictures. Looks good club sandwich, since it can cook them and send them a note, which alerts the chef that I want without salt.

Next step, I launch command and see that it takes 10 minutes and I just have to go to the next level of Angry Birds, all in just 15 seconds:)

My command  will get straight to the kitchen, on a monitor. Chef sees and get to cooking, just taste the client. Tablet and computer are connected together on the same wireless network. Waiter is out of the equation.

Here are other technologies from other restaurants. Such as robot prepared cocktails, the invention of the Romans, who may replace bartender. Directly from their mobile phones, using barcode, everyone can prepare his favorite cocktail.

And the examples go on. Two participants in the Master Chef D’Artagnan and Bogdan Alexandrescu will have their restaurant menu related to social network Facebook. Each dish will have a bar code that once scanned your phone will list the picture preparation. That if you have doubts about the recipes.

As the time you read this, dozens of places in the country are using the latest technology, waiting for clients to experience the new approach.

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