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Trending Channel – NASA: We Have Incredible Data About Mars

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NASA: We Have Incredible Data About Mars

Scientists watching the Curiosity robot mission to Mars preparing for an official statement that “will remain in the history books.” The announcement will take place over several weeks.

Chief project that aims Curiosity robot mission to Mars, John Grotzinger told SPACE.com that NASA official announcement will be made at the end of the American Geophysical Union  the meeting, which will take place from December 3 to 7, in San Francisco .
The mission of Curiosity rover, which will last 2 years, is to determine if Mars ever been able to support lives.

Experts were disappointed after analyzing air samples witch showed that they do not contain methane, a gas produced when there are life forms on the planet. But now scientists are quite confident, after receiving information about the Red Planet soil analysis.
All informations must be verified before an official statement, but journalists from Business Insider said that experts believe in something special. The enthusiasm is a clear evidence that the robot would have been found data about life on Mars.

“These data will be recorded in history books. Looks great! “Said project chief, John Grotzinger.
NASA must wait for confirmation of results, not to make public an official statement wrong. Highly anticipated conference will likely occur over several weeks.
The announcement comes after radioactivity analyzed of Curiosity on the surface of Mars and the information showed that people can survive there for a limited period of time.

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