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Trending Channel – Meet The Microsoft Product That Will Break Google

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Meet The Microsoft Product That Will Break Google

American company Microsoft is working on the  hottest project of the moment: augmented reality glasses. IT giant has patented invention or product and hope that soon became a magnet for fans, for example, will see closer favorite players during matches, along with statistics and data on team performance.

Project from Microsoft was born in May 2011 and is currently underway.
If intelligent glasses will get to sell on the market, they will compete directly with Google, witch  integrates the virtual reality with palpable reality. Google product is to leave the U.S. market in 2014.
Other companies in the IT industry,Vuzix, Explore Engage TTP or working on similar gadgets.
Microsoft patent focuses on digital glasses with one or both lenses capable of displaying computer graphics and text in the user’s visual horizon.

Imagine the situation where you are at a football game and see beside each player statistics and data on ownership and performance teams at halftime. Digital glasses will detect the direction in which the wearer look and on-screen graphics will adapt depending on the direction.

American company specialized in software production, use and gaze tracking user to select specific areas of focus. The information displayed will follow a preprogrammed script. Microsoft gives the example of a piece of opera scenes and arias where details could be displayed in a context.
Microsoft working glasses will include social aspects, for example, check-in GPS based. American inventor actually integrates a microphone, a front camera for photo and video capture, and a series of special lenses and filters. The image will be projected on a microdisplay using a special lens.

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