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Trending Channel – Meet The Island That Don’t Exist

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Meet The Island That Don’t Exist

An island in the South Pacific, which appears both on traditional maps, and Google Maps and Google Earth, does not exist in fact, say Australian researchers, quoted by BBC.

Sandy Island, located on Google Maps in the French archipelago between Australia and New Caledonia, is mentioned in specialized publications for over a decade. However, when they arrived at the place indicated on the map, scientists at the University of Sydney found nothing.

Mary Seton, one of the expedition members said they do not expect to find an island instead of a large pit with a depth of 1,400 meters. “We wanted to verify that because the vessel’s navigation systems showed great depth – 1,400 feet,” she said, returning from the expedition 25 days.

“This island is appearing in Google Maps and other maps, but we did not find anything there. This is amazing, very bizarre. Still we do not know what appeared on these maps, but we want to know”, said Seton.

According to Australian media, if this island really existed, it would be found in the waters of France, but in the French government maps, this area does not appear. Australian Department of Hydrography, carrying out of the country charts, claims that the presence of ghost island on traditional maps and Google Maps can only be the result of human error remained unnoticed for many years.

A spokesman for the Department of Hydrography said that while some filmmakers add street maps exist to prevent certain violations of copyright, this is not usually practiced for charts that would reduce credibility.

According to a Google spokesperson, in the time of creating maps, the company uses a number of sources, which is an authority in the field.

While many  explorers dream to discover new lands, in this case Australian researchers have managed just the do the opposite, and they are now deleting the  ghost island on their maps.

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