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Trending Channel – Japanese created a new generation of trains

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Japanese created a new generation of trains

A new generation of high-speed trains, propelled by magnetic levitation, was shown in Japan, the speeds to be achieved by these super vehicles will reach 500 kilometers per hour.

Maglev train locomotive new series L0 is nearly 50 feet long, with a very aerodynamic form. The train will have 16 coaches and can carry 1,000 passengers.

Trains come into use until 2027 and will connect Tokyo to Nagoya. Currently, a high-speed train “Shinkansen” travels the distance between the two Japanese cities in 90 mind, but new trains will shorten the journey by 50 minutes.

Vehicle has no wheels, and the journey will be much smoother because friction is much smaller because propulsion is provided by electromagnetism.

Nipons hopes to extend lines and trains to Osaka Maglev project costing $90 billion.

At present, the world is a single line dedicated operational maglev train in China, in Shanghai.

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