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Trending Channel – Important oil producer, want to use green energy!

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Important oil producer, want to use green energy!

Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer in the world, is planning to acquire 100% renewable forms of energy with lower carbon emissions.

Most likely, however, this process will take several decades and some observers are skeptical about the seriousness of the proposal, notes the Guardian.

Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud, founder of the King Faisal Foundation and one of the main spokesmen of Saudi Arabia, told the Global Economic Symposium in Brazil, he hoped that the kingdom can be completely independent of other energy sources in his life – he is 67 years – although the whole process could take longer.

However, he said the Saudis are turning to investments in renewable energy, nuclear power and other alternatives to fossil fuels and that will use the country’s vast oil resources for the production of other goods, such as plastics or polymers.

“Oil is more precious to us than the underground fuel source,” he said. “If we can get in position to replace fossil fuels and use it to produce useful goods, it will be good for everyone. I want this to happen in my lifetime, but I think it will be the case. “

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