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Trending Channel – How The Universe Will End?

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How The Universe Will End?

After the scientists have agreed on the birth of the universe and the Big Bang theory has become almost universally accepted, the dilemma of the end of the universe was a natural consequence. In this respect, however, experts are divided opinions.

One of the first theories on how the universe will end it was proposed in the 1920s, by several physicists, including famous Albert Einstein.

The theory wascalled “The Cycle” and states that the universe started with a Big Bang extends until gravity takes over and then all matter collapses into itself in a “big implosion (large collapse)”, resulting in another singularity similar to a black hole, which will lead to another Big Bang, and this cycle will repeat indefinitely.

Great Collapse theory, the end of the universe and not necessarily as part of a cyclical pattern, has long been supported by some physicists.
It is based on the fact that, ultimately, the universe will collapse due to gravity that will stop the expansion and cause the opposite action, it will end as it began, with a similar singularity  a black hole, where it started the initial explosion, the Big Bang.

If cyclical pattern, there are a number of cycles founded Big Bang – Big Crunch, but in both theoretical models is a problem: astronomical observations show that the Universe continues to accelerate, it tends to contacts.
The recent discovery of “dark energy” in the XXI century, provided further, that seem to solve this dilemma further expansion and acceleration of the Universe. But she also gave birth to a new theory: Thr Great  Rift.

The great  rift is a theory first launched in 2003 and states that matter from galaxies to atoms, will finally be “decomposed” completely because of the continuous expansion.

The hypothesis is based on recent astronomical observations, which showed that the universe accelerates its expansion, not slowing, as was  happen if Great cyclical pattern or implosion were true.
Current explanation for this acceleration is continuing existence  of “dark energy” that opposing gravity, which normally would have to stop at some point the lead to expansion and collapse.

The Great Frost  is another theory about the end of the universe. According to it, at one point, the universe will consume all the energy thermodynamics and it “freezes”, just like a car going for a long time eventually left without fuel and stops.
The idea was first supported in 1851 by William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, and invoke an application of the first two laws of thermodynamics.

Heat is generated by the movement, the energy and final energy will decrease and disappear completely naturally. At that momenttul But Thomson said that his hypothesis applies to “a finite universe with a limited field, subject to existing laws of physics”.
The scientist said that “it is impossible to conceive a limit of matter in the universe and soon should we consider continuous progress, endless space and an action that converts potential energy into motion and motion into heat.”
Maybe Great Fractures and modern hypothesis would seem interesting to Lord Kelvin, since these statements of his.
While scientists do not yet know exactly what they are and how they work two great mysteries of the universe – “dark energy” and “dark matter”, it is easy to suspect that soon will appear new theories on the end of the universe, to keep up with the latest discoveries and research in the field.

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