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Trending Channel – Facebook Invention That Will Revolutionize The World

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Facebook Invention That Will Revolutionize The World

Facebook is planning the construction of powerful computers, but visibly melts. The material they want to use is cardboard. Large companies have always had a reputation for being extremely polluting. Facebook wants to debunk this myth and launch a contest that aims to solve one of the biggest environmental problems of the world.

Facebook goal is to create computers  from biodegradable materials, reports Business Insider.
The idea is part of a larger project of Facebook, called “Open Compute Project”.
Social media giant wants to revolutionize the industry such hardware devices by creating environmentally friendly design. For the project to take shape, called the Open Compute at Purdue University (USA), where students are asked to come up with a concept of housing for servers, which can then be inserted into a machine and destroyed as banana peels or eggs.

“Computers are replaced, usually every four years, the equipment must always keep in touch with technological evolution. Unfortunately, this process results in more losses. Open Compute want to change that, starting with housing servers. They are usually made of steel, which is recyclable, but recycling involves some costs. What would happen but if these cases could be destroyed? “asks the team project.

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