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Trending Channel – Apple is working on a computer watch

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Apple is working on a computer watch

Apple is working on a computer watch

Apple is working on a new product that could replace smartphones,  a computer watch screen of 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters), according to sources among Apple’s Asian suppliers.

Intel and Apple are working on an iOS watch with Bluetooth and 1.5 inch screen, two sources said  for Chinese portal Tech163.com.

“Mysterious rumors occurring from Asia must be received with caution. (…) But the laptop concept  is popular among technology enthusiasts,” writes Business Insider. This is a product line that Apple could possibly come in, says Gene Munster, an analyst at research firm Piper Jaffray.

Consumers are already interested in iOS watch. According  to NextWeb portal, 70,000 people have contributed funding platform Kickstarter.com to 10 million dollars to develop a watch called Pebble that connect to iPhone.

Another argument in favor of such a project would be that Apple spends billions of dollars on projects that nobody knows anything outside the company, according to Business Insider.

More information are raising, however, questions about  this Apple Apple watch.

According to sources, Intel had proposed the concept of Apple, which would now be interested to manufacture such a watch. Typically, Apple designs its products after seeking suppliers.

Also, the current iOS of Apple products, including iPad and iPhone, are using ARM chip and not Intel.

The fact that Apple is working on such a project should not be surprised. Apple is becoming the most valuable company in the world for being willing to cannibalize their own products, says Munster. iPhone and  iPod took over the business and replaces iPad Mac computers and laptops.

Eventually, Apple will find a replacement for smartphone or somebody else will, writes Business Insider.

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