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Trending Channel – Apple is testing iPhone 6.1

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Apple is testing iPhone 6.1

Apple is testing iPhone 6.1

Apple has begun testing a new iPhone and the next version of the operating system, iOS 7, according to The New York Times.

Application developers have found  reference in to the databases to an identification code for a new iPhone, iPhone 6.1,  witch is  running on iOS 7.

iPhone 5 have the identification cods  iPhone 5.1 and iPhone  5.2 and is running on iOS 6, the last released by Apple.

Information recorded on the new identification codes come from an Internet address from Apple campus in Cupertino, California, suggesting that the company’s engineers tested the new iPhone compatibility with applications with a large number of users.

“Although identification of the operating system and the device can be forged, the IP address leading to the Apple campus in Cupertino makes us believe that there is not such a case,” writes The New York Times.

Apple released iPhone 5 in September, and according to the information in the press the new iPhone is expected to enter on  market in the middle of this year.

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