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Trending Channel – Apple Copied The National Symbol of Switzerland

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Apple Copied The National Symbol of Switzerland

Fromall Apple applications, the clock displayed on the iPad, released with OS update iOS 6, has generated a lot of controversy. The American company has been accused of copying currently design of the Clock from Swiss railway stations.

Swiss watch was designed in 1940 and is considered a symbol of Swiss Railways. Initially the company from Switzerland threatened with legal action, but Apple gave reprede pressure and agreed to pay damages of 21 million dollars for the license to be use on ipad.

The price is low for a giant with liquid of over $ 100 billion. In addition, Apple representatives are willing to pay as quickly as compensation to settle any dispute relating to intellectual property infringement. If we refer to the number of products that Apple currently sells worldwide, the fine translates into 10 cents per device.

It is not the first time Apple is accused of violating patents. Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of the company, admitted that he copied the design of the mouse, and the graphical interface from Xerox, quoting Picasso in his defense: “Great artists copy, exceptional artists steal”.

Currently, Apple is involved in several patent infringement lawsuits. Among them there are endless dispute with the biggest rival, the South Korean company Samsung.

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