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Trending Channel – Wifes Can be Monitorized by GPS in tis Country!

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Wifes Can be Monitorized by GPS in tis Country!

Men in Saudi Arabia could track the movement away their wives with electronic monitoring devices.

Because women in this country are not allowed to travel without the consent of their husbands and no lead cars, authorities have sought to put in place a system to monitor them using GPS devices, writes The Sun. Thus, when she will be at the border or at the airport, the man will receive a text message that will be announced by the movement that his wife wants to do.

Every woman in Saudi Arabia is a man of wax depends on whether it is father, husband or brother, and he has to agree to any move he makes. For example, a woman can not leave the country without a signature on “yellow sheet” that only man in whom there is a concern can be granted.

Saudi Arabia is one of the toughest countries applying Islamic law, and is also the only country in the Muslim world where women are not allowed to drive cars. In 2011, a group of women activists tried to oppose the ban, but their actions proved futile because, ultimately, they were arrested and forced to sign an agreement that would take the commitment not never climb behind the wheel.

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